RESEO’s vision, mission and aims


Arts and culture are valued as essential elements of European cultural life. Equal access to artistic creativity and creative learning through opera, music and dance education are essential elements in thriving and sustainable European societies.



RESEO’s mission is to support, advocate for, and collaborate with organisations and individuals in Europe to deliver innovative approaches in creative learning through opera, music and dance to the highest artistic standards for the widest possible audience



1. Exchange

RESEO enables exchange of artistic and creative learning, process, practice, performance, products and projects for opera, music and dance professionals of the highest quality.


  • Increase the number of professionals such as artists, education specialists, academics and teachers who have the opportunity to exchange practice, participate in professional trainings, observe and discuss work.


2. Train

RESEO offers a platform for the sharing and evaluation of skills and practice across opera, music and dance education in order to enhance the quality of arts education


  • Map the training possibilities in the field of arts education in Europe – what is the offer for opera, music and dance workshop leaders – where does expertise lie?
  • Develop training models for professionals, e.g. for artists, workshop leaders, teachers, social workers (healthcare, prisons), administrative staff, business professionals, students.


3. Advocate

RESEO raises the profile of this work within the cultural sector and to political and cultural stakeholders


  • Stakeholders in culture, education, health, labour and other relevant sectors understand the importance and impact of this work
  • Members are supported to raise the profile of the European arts education landscape with their political decision makers
  • Increase membership through awareness of RESEO within national and international performing arts organisations
  • Highlight the value of cross European exchange and cross-art form work for strengthening the arts sector and producing greater impact
  • Raise awareness of the value of creativity in society, and that our work can benefit other areas of education and policy e.g. science, wellbeing, social care etc.
  • Support the working conditions and recognition of education professionals


4. Explore

RESEO encourages innovation by experimenting new project models, introducing and supporting new artists. RESEO encourages researching new ways of evaluating creative education to improve practice and promote development of the sector.


  • Facilitate new models to provide an innovative space for artists to question existing formats
  • Facilitate the development of means to assess the impact of creative education work.