Fees and policies

RESEO conferences: practical information

RESEO conferences are open to all organisations and individuals, whether they are members of the network or not. They follow a pattern well known to our long-term members, but which it is always useful to describe to our newer participants: in a conference format lasting 2 ½ days, the participants are invited to reflect upon a topic which is of importance to their work, to discover the local situation of the host organisation, to acquire know-how and training via practical workshops, to learn about and be inspired by the presentation of the work and projects done by their European colleagues, and to acquire additional knowledge via a scientific researcher’s presentation.

Registration fees

For members:
First participant of a member organisation: 295€
Additional participants from the same organisation: 195€
Individual members (not part of an organisation): 195€

Students: 125€

Non-members : 450€

What registration fees never cover:

The participants’ travel and accommodation fees.


If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us: reseo@reseo.org