RESEO works in partnership with a number of organisations to help the network further its aims.

Other partnerships

The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation and Dance UK partner with RESEO to offer a free of charge dance training programme for RESEO member organisations. This initiative was launched in January 2015.

The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation and Dance UK partner with RESEO to offer a free of charge dance training programme for RESEO member organisations. This initiative was launched in January 2015.

The main aim of the Fondaction du Football is to develop innovative actions to promote a civic vision of football, to underline its educational value and encourage social innovation and sustainable development in football.
RESEO is partner of the project « Open Football Club », launched in October 2014 by the FondAction du Football, which offers civic and cultural activities to young players in French professional footbal clubs.
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Initially created in 1992 to support environmental protection initiatives, the Total Foundation has promoted initiatives in the areas of public health, community engagement, culture and the environment. Four different areas of expertise with one red thread: our future.
The Foundation builds local capacity in these areas and proposes models for long-term development worldwide. And the budget it engages to pursue these aims is extraordinary: 50 million euros for a five-year period - making the Foundation the most powerful private trust organization in France. 

Since 2008, Total Foundation has become a privileged partner for French and Belgian cultural institutions, investing about 4 million euros per year in arts and cultural heritage projects. It has developed numerous activities, concerning e.g. the preservation of French cultural heritage sites, projects promoting the visibility of cultural diversity, sponsoring contemporary creation, promoting culture for all, or contributing to major heritage exhibitions. The governing principles for all of them are to promote inter-generational and inter-cultural exchanges, share cultural heritage, and familiarize all citizens with art.

Since 2005, RESEO has been a member of Culture Action Europe, an association which brings together cultural stakeholders aiming at making culture a central piece of the European project.

RESEO is involved in the European Campaign 'we are more' that seeks to mobilise everyone who cares about culture in Europe to influence the EU negociation on the next budget (2014-2020). RESEO members are invited to join the campaign, too.

Association gathering more than a hundred European opera houses and festivals with which RESEO regularly launches joint projects, the two most important being:

- a joint conference every two years.

- the European Opera Days which take place on the weekend closest to Europe Days (9 May) every year. The concept: open opera houses for free activities, everywhere in Europe on a common date and and around a unique theme. Please visit the website dedicated to this event:

YEAH! Young EARopean award is a new European competition to highlight creative minds and musical ideas that arouse children and young people’s enthusiasm for music beyond youth popular culture. The competition is looking for imaginative and innovative programmes that really engage children and young people creatively in music whether within the western classical music tradition and/or other music traditions with different cultural roots.

RESEO supports the YEAH! Award, organised by the Netzwerk Junge Ohren, Germany.

The European Orchestra Forum is the formal European organisation for orchestras. It is led by the Association Française des Orchestres (AFO). It was funded by the national orchestra organisations following the June 2005 conference in the Strasbourg European Parliament. This conference gathered over 400 participants from 35 European countries.

RESEO and the AFO worked together in 2010 to organise a conference around the theme of orchestra education. The conference took place in Berlin, in October 2010, upon the invitation of the Komische Oper.

Organisation which brings together the French opera houses, and with which RESEO works on promoting opera education in France. In practical terms, the ROF and RESEO work together on the European Opera Days (in France : “Tous à l’Opéra”).

Created in Brussels (Belgium) in 1945, Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI) is the largest youth music NGO in the world. Its mission consists of "enabling young people to develop through music across all boundaries". JMI focuses on four main types of activity: Young Musicians, Young Audiences, Youth Empowerment and Youth Orchestras and Ensembles.

With member organisations currently in 45 countries and contact organisations in another 35, the JMI network reaches over 5 million young people aged 13-30 per year through some 36,000 activities, which embrace all styles of music, and coordinates cross-border exchange opportunities on the international level.

This website features all opera programming in France. Each production is introduced in depth with the work's outline, its libretto,  an online ticket booth, an online listening possibility and a chat room. The website is updated daily by its creator, a big opera fan. RESEO supports this initiative which promotes opera diffusion to all audiences.