Steering Committee

The RESEO members elect a Steering Committee at the Annual General Meeting (usually during the spring conference). The members of the Steering Committee act on behalf of the network's membership. The majority of the Steering Committee members are opera education professionals. The mandate of a member of the Steering Committee lasts two years, renewable once. The Steering Committee chooses one of its elected members to act as Steering Committee Chair for one year, renewable once. It also has the possibility to choose specialist advisors. Such is the case of Thomas Lauriot dit Prévost (financial director of La Monnaie / De Munt in Brussels) who advises the network on financial matters and Clare Guss-West, who advises the network on dance.

The Steering Committee works in close cooperation with the RESEO staff to develop the network. It meets virtually every two weeks via the members' webspace to discuss ongoing work, and comes together in face to face meetings several times a year.

Since the Annual General Meeting of April 20, 2018 (Bern, CH), RESEO's Steering Committee is composed of:


RESEO Function
Thomas Lauriot dit Prévost's picture
Thomas Lauriot ... Financial Consultant
Clare Guss-West's picture
Clare Guss-West Steering Committee Member (2010-2014), Dance advisor since 2014