EducOpera Project: Off to A Flying Start

Opéra de Massy are currently implementing a series of education sessions with several classes of the Collège Blaise Pascal as part of EducOpera, an Erasmus+ project that aims to combat Early School Leaving (ESL) through opera education.

Music learning enhances the cognitive, emotional, physical and social development of young people. Music education and arts education in general are necessary for children to become adults open to the world and able to share values with future generations.

EducOpera simultaneously targets learners, educators and key stakeholders (cultural and education organisations, local authorities and music associations) in order to combat early school leaving through the acquisition of skills and competences by the means of opera education.

The project will have three main outcomes:

1- A tool and method to identify and assess the competences acquired by teenagers thanks to an music education in general and Opera in particular
2- A training that will provide educators with an innovative educational approach with which to enrich their professional practice
3- Guidance for professionals on how to share the EducOpera approach with other teachers/educators.

The pupils of the Collège Blaise Pascal visited the Opera de Massy in December 2017 following two work sessions with a stage director and the project’s referent teacher. They will take part in weekly sessions with the Opera de Massy education teams from January to June 2018, some of which will be attended by advisors from IRIV Conseil (Institut de Recherche et d'Information sur le Volontariat), in order to continually evaluate the educational approach used as well as any difficulties encountered by the participants and educators.

For more information about EducOpera, visit the project website.