Reflective practice: Evaluation in Arts Education

Mon, 28/11/2016 to Wed, 30/11/2016


RESEO Autumn Conference
Paris, 28-30 November 2016

Professionnal Practice Day 28 - 29 November

Debate and Exchange Day 30 November


A Unique Event Celebrating 20 Years of European Arts Education

Fascinating keynotes, practical workshops, performances, opportunity for exchange and a wealth of new ideas within a unique conference format.


Why is evaluation essential to certain cultural institutions and of lesser importance to others? Can everything be evaluated? Are there limits to evaluation? How can practices be adapted to individual aims? Can evaluation help the sector to evolve in terms of content, form and funding?

RESEO will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016, a perfect chance to take stock of the opera, music and dance education sector’s evolution, developments, accomplishments and challenges – while anticipating what is yet to come. The Opéra national de Paris, a founding member and pillar of RESEO, will be opening its doors to members for a very special conference. An analytical, playful and festive eye will be cast over the ground covered so far, while focusing above all on an issue at the heart of the sector’s concerns: that of evaluation. While evaluation of cultural activities and projects is standard in northern European countries, it is much less so throughout the rest of the continent. 

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary and thanks to the support of the Total Foundation, the RESEO Autumn Conference will have an exceptional modular format. The Professional Practice Days (28 - 29 November) will offer arts education professionals in-depth presentations, key studies, practical workshops, round tables and opportunities to connect. They will be followed by a Debate and Exchange Day (30 November) free of charge and open to all.

Culture professionals, academics, researchers, policymakers, evaluation specialists and the simply curious are invited to make their way to the Opéra Bastille from 28 – 30 November for three days’ worth of stimulating encounters and exchanges, practical workshops and animated debates; drawing as always on the wealth of experience provided by our membership base of 85 committed opera, music and dance education specialists.

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