European Opera Days 2018

Friday, 4 May, 2018 to Sunday, 13 May, 2018


European Year of Cultural Heritage

The twelfth edition of the European Opera Days is an opportunity to reinforce our legacy. The year runs under the slogan ‘where the past meets the future’, and the hashtag #EuropeforCulture aims at engaging people to discover and share culture all over Europe.

European culture is part of our common identity. At a time when the political and economic Europe seems fragile, it is important to remind citizens of our shared heritage and to encourage their involvement in current affairs, while supporting the development of the creative industries and open speech, including through art.
This year we invite you to participate in the interesting programmes of opera companies from 20 countries all over Europe. Discover the initiatives of many opera houses which open their doors to all ages: all interests are covered.
Does your child like to sing in the shower? Sign him/her up for a young singers’ workshop! 
What does the backstage area of a theatre look like? Take a tour! 
How are special effects made? Meet the theatre expert! 
What are the dozens of opera jobs, in the workshops, around the stage, or in the front of house? Discuss with the professionals!
Does opera only happen in a theatre? Enjoy performances in public spaces around the city, or even in your living room!

Discover here the full list of participating opera companies:

The European Opera Days are a joint initiative of Opera Europa and RESEO, in collaboration with Réunion des Opéras de France, Opera XXI Spain, NOCC UK, OMTF UK, OperaNorge Norway and AMT Russia.