Cie Karyatides

Revise your classics

Karyatides is a young audiences theatre company, but our shows are also aimed at the general public.

We adapt the classics (Madame Bovary, Carmen, The Little Match Girl, Les Misérables, Le Pique-nique, Frankenstein) into object theatre, combining opera and objects.


Our aim is to represent archetypal characters on a tiny stage. Everyone knows the stories and everyone wants to hear them again.

We create a theatre of ‘figures’, combining puppetry, object theatre, shadow play, paper theatre, visual arts, music and opera singing. We play with these languages, each with its own specificities, moving from one to the other. Pulling the strings of all this, the actor, free to stand at the centre or disappear, is at the centre of our work.

A flagship project

Frankenstein, a co-production with La Monnaie (2019), combining lyrical song and object theatre.

FRANKENSTEIN (trailer) from Karyatides on Vimeo.

Why we’re RESEO members

To defend cultural democracy by making our singular and hybrid work known to as wide an audience as possible, and in particular to young people, in order to encourage artistic awareness and discussion at all levels.



The Team

Production and Distribution Manager

Cecile Maissin

Contact Details

rue Van Eyck 11 B
1050 Brussels

rue Van Eyck 11 B
1050 Brussels

Artistic Fields

Music Musical theater Opera


artistic practice workshops Young audiences

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