Opéra de Lille

Prepare To Be Surprised!

In 2017, the Lille Opera received the label “Opera of National Interest” awarded by the Ministry of Culture. This label testifies to the progress made since the reopening of the Opera in 2003. It establishes the establishment as a leading creative house bringing together a wide and varied public around ambitious and innovative productions.

The main ambition of the Lille Opera is openness: to all the repertoires, to the current aesthetics of creation and to emerging artists, to all audiences, to all the territories of the region and to beyond, etc. From season to season, the project brings together a wide audience around an original and demanding programming, anchoring opera, dance and the messages it carries in the imagination of an ever more attentive audience.

A flagship project:
Important artistic creation project, conducted with a public of young people (aged 8 to 12 years) is conducted every season since 2015 and is fully integrated into the program: it is the project Finoreille!

Why we are members of RESEO:
Thinking in a network of adapted and innovative cultural actions, pooling resources and ideas, exchanging and practicing in a stimulating atmosphere!

The Team

Responsable des relations avec les publics

Claire Cantuel

Contact Details

2 rue des Bons Enfants BP 133 - 59001 Lille Cedex

2 rue des Bons Enfants BP 133 - 59001 Lille Cedex


Artistic Fields

Dance Music Musical theater Opera


artistic practice workshops European cooperation Health and social Open days and tours Participatory Schools Young audiences

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