Opéra de Rouen Normandie


Opéra de Rouen Normandie has developed a large programme of activities for schools and families. Participative opera has become the backbone of the department since 2010. During the performance the audience is invited to sing songs they have learned and prepared in advance thanks to distributed texts, audio files or scores. Through this participation to the action on stage, the audience, directed by the conductor, touches the heart of artistic creation and discovers its richness in a playful and active way.
In addition to these interactive programmes, we provide many opera, music and dance performances all year long. Teachers can prepare their school trip to the theatre with pedagogical and didactical resources on the performance. Free and open to all, family parties, following the season’s highlights, bring children and their parents together for fun afternoons at the theatre with convivial workshops: posters crafting, tales reading, gingerbread baking, disguise workshops, etc.

The Team

Secrétaire générale

Muriel Rapy

Chargée des actions culturelles

Angélina Prévost

Chargée des actions pédagogiques

Enza Hiesse

Contact Details

7 rue du Docteur Rambert - 76000 Rouen

7 rue du Docteur Rambert - 76000 Rouen


Artistic Fields

Dance Music Opera


artistic practice workshops European cooperation Health and social Open days and tours Participatory Schools Young audiences

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