Selfmade Music

Creating New Operas of Excellence Aimed at Encouraging Diversity

An artist led organisation grown of of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden’s ‘Garden Venture’. Recipient of 5 Arts Council grants, also generating funding through singing training. Many of its soloists go on to International careers: Alex Otterburn, Nazan Queenan, Hèloïse Mas, Elizabeth Cragg. Artistic director Susie Self composes operas that respond to the interests of communities whilst building bridges to the world of contemporary opera. Recent works include: ‘The Boy from Brazil’ for Tête-à-Tête in London 2013, ‘The Butt’ for the Musiktheatertage Festival, Vienna, 2016, ‘Freedom Bridge’ for Birmingham Opera and ‘Quilt Song’ for The Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham 2018.


Selfmade Music’s aim is to generate imaginative new opera with artistic integrity that appeals to wider audiences then those who normally go to the opera. As an artist led organisation they put their artist’s creative input at the very centre of their production values. A key component to their engagement with communities is to empower them with significant training. Therefore young professionals and amateurs have their skills are raised so as to be able participate with excellence in Selfmade Music’s new opera creations.

A flagship project:

‘Quilt Song’ composed by Susie Self, Birmingham 2018. Scored for 4 operatic soloist, 13 piece instrumental ensemble, and trained youth and community choir.

Why they’re RESEO members:

RESEO is a stimulating and positively supportive organisation, Selfmade Music is very happy to be a member .



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Artistic Director

Susie Self

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Michael Christie

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