The Total Foundation

Initially created in 1992 to support environmental protection initiatives, the Total Foundation has promoted initiatives in the areas of public health, community engagement, culture and the environment. Four different areas of expertise with one red thread: our future.
The Foundation builds local capacity in these areas and proposes models for long-term development worldwide. And the budget it engages to pursue these aims is extraordinary: 50 million euros for a five-year period - making the Foundation the most powerful private trust organization in France. 

Since 2008, Total Foundation has become a privileged partner for French and Belgian cultural institutions, investing about 4 million euros per year in arts and cultural heritage projects. It has developed numerous activities, concerning e.g. the preservation of French cultural heritage sites, projects promoting the visibility of cultural diversity, sponsoring contemporary creation, promoting culture for all, or contributing to major heritage exhibitions. The governing principles for all of them are to promote inter-generational and inter-cultural exchanges, share cultural heritage, and familiarize all citizens with art.