External Advisor

Clare Guss-West BHum MA (Switzerland)

Arts advocate, innovator and trainer, Clare’s work brings together the fields of dance, opera, holistic health and scientific research. She began her career as choreographer and opera director and went on to develop an ‘holistic ballet’™ approach to training. She is the Director of the European Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation and contributed 4 years to the RESEO Steering Committee 2010 – 2014. She continues to contribute to the network as External Advisor.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, some German


Roshnara Corby (France)

Roshnara specialises in international communication and is currently based in Toulouse, France. She holds a degree in Intercultural Relations and International Communication from the Université Lille 3 Charles de Gaulle and has organized seminars and training events related to arts and culture and non-formal education for organizations across Europe, first working with RESEO in 2013.

Languages: French, English, Italian, some German

Membership coordinator and administrator

Alexandra Ringeval Van-Peteghem (France)

Alexandra holds an MBA in Cultural Project management and worked for a non-profit organization dedicated to art and culture in Hong Kong. She also contributed to expatriates networks, improving meetings in a spirit of openness and conviviality. Prior to her responsibilities with RESEO, she was an international business lawyer.

Languages: French, English

Project Manager, Get Close to Opera

Sybilla Britani (Belgium)

Sybilla specialises in cultural project management and research on EU culture and development policies. She has been involved in the coordination of UK film and photography festivals and worked for non-profit networks dedicated to partnerships of EU cultural institutes. Sybilla holds a double MA Crossways in Cultural Narratives from the University of St Andrews and the Université de Perpignan and an MA in Spanish and Political Science from University of Edinburgh.

Languages: English, French, Polish and Spanish

Conference Project Manager

Monica Zarna (Germany)

Monica is a cultural project manager, event planner and workshop moderator. She has collaborated with performing art companies, festivals and cultural institutions, mainly from the theatre field. Joining the RESEO team, she wishes to expand her professional knowledge and experience, by getting acquainted with the European opera and dance sector.

Languages: English, French, German, Romanian, some Portuguese


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee works in close cooperation with the RESEO staff to develop the network. It meets virtually every two weeks and comes together in face to face meetings several times a year. Since the Annual General Meeting of April 20, 2018 (Bern, CH), RESEO’s Steering Committee is composed of: Chair Rhian Hutchings, Operasonic (United Kingdom)

  • Philippe Fanjas, AFO (France)
  • Violaine Fournier, Compagnie Minute Papillon (France)
  • Omar Shahryar, PhD Student and Composer (United Kingdom)
  • Anja Christina Loosli, Teater Konzert Bern (Switzerland)
  • Linda Lovrovic, La Monnaie/De Munt (Belgium)
  • Lucy Perry, Glyndebourne (United Kingdom)

Work with us

RESEO regularly recruits freelance project managers. If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV and cover letter to