RESEO is a unique European network for arts education, the first and only network with a specific focus on performing arts: opera, music and dance education. We promote innovation and equal access to artistic creativity and creative learning through opera, music and dance for all.

“The strength that our work has – (it) opens our eyes and hearts to other people” Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva, Former RESEO Chair, Head of Education, Finnish National Opera & Ballet

RESEO members are united by a shared process, values and convictions

By having an impact on the lives and the learning of hundreds of thousands of young people, we deliver an amazing return on investment across Europe. We currently sustain our transnational activities, advocacy, conferences and professional trainings on a budget of under one hundred thousand euros per annum. RESEO delivers its vision and mission through professional membership subscription and a series of individual project fundings.

How can you make a difference?

Through your generous contribution, RESEO will be able to increase its reach and effectiveness, strengthen the advocacy for creative learning and develop ambitious new transnational social worth projects.


Associate sponsor

Support the network’s European arts advocacy and promote the work of our members and our grass roots transnational creative learning projects, impacting the lives and development of thousands of young people across Europe.

Bespoke sponsor

Choose project-specific sponsorship that enables the network to maximise resources and effectiveness: to cross-share and exchange expertise and best-practice effectively across Europe.

Benefit from all the tax advantages of your national scheme thanks to RESEO’s status as a Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network beneficiary.

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