Research Space

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Launched in 2023, the RESEO Research Space aims to support creative learning, participation, innovation in opera, music and dance education and the development of related cultural policy in Europe. 

Our focus

The Research Space focuses on the following areas:

  • Practices and policies in arts education and creative learning in Europe and internationally
  • Practices and policies in artist training as well as continuous professional development for culture workers and education professionals
  • Intersections between the arts and society, and how artists, educators and institutions can enable creative solutions to societal issues faced in Europe today
  • Opera, music and dance productions aimed at young and specific audiences and taking place outside traditional arts venues 
  • Co-creation processes involving professional and non-professional artists 

Our activities

European overview of participatory work and non-standard programming

RESEO and Opera Europa are developing an overview of participatory work and young/specific audience productions piloted by operas, orchestras and dance organisations. This research project aims to showcase the variety of initiatives implemented by cultural stakeholders and how art enables and bears witness to the evolution of society.

A selection of projects will be presented at the Opera Europa Spring Conference in Vienna and in a future European report. 

Collaborative study of music mediation practices

RESEO is part of the Étude partenariale sur la médiation de la musique (EPMM), a transcontinental team of culture professionals, researchers and academics investigating contemporary music education practices in Europe and North America. More about the EPMM here.

Research collective

RESEO is currently building a community of researchers working both within and outside academic institutions that focus on topics related to the role of arts within transformational processes and contexts. 

Join the research collective: If you or your institution would like to know more about taking part, please contact us

Upcoming: Project database

RESEO is currently prototyping a collaborative database of education projects and participatory work taking place across Europe. 


All RESEO publications are available here.

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