t@lenschool: Three Innovative Apps by Les Talens Lyriques

10 October, 2017

t@lenschool makes music learning playful and participatory!

t@lenschool enables you to play in an orchestra or a group of soloists, compose in baroque style, become a conductor and perform your own version of a work.

t@lenschool is three musical practice and listening apps with three different approaches: collective play (app # 1: playing together), composing one’s own version of a work (app # 2: composing) and performing harpsichord pieces (app # 3: performing).

These apps can be used by teachers, education professionals and cultural institutions in their workshops. They are aimed at children and adults with no musical training.

The three apps have been available free of charge on the appstore since September 2017. Les Talens Lyriques organize introductory sessions aimed at trainers enabling them to use these innovative tools in their own teaching. An educational booklet is also provided free of charge for teachers.

t@lenschool was awarded two prizes in September 2017: the jury prize in the “Social Impact” category and the people’s choice award in the Digital Innovations in Culture organised by News Tank at Université Paris Dauphine.

For more information, please visit our website: http://lestalenslyriques.com/en/culture-systems/talenschool
or write to us at: talenschool@lestalenslyriques.com