Demonstrating the Social Value of the Arts With Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

12 July, 2018

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan aims to develop a world-class innovative environment, building bridges with local communities through music.

From Newborn Babies to Older Audiences: Finding New Worlds Through Music

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is a hub for arts and culture with key values that include creativity and participation. Alongside cutting-edge productions, the promotion of new talent via the Tokyo Music Competition and inspiring musical experiences that appeal to everyone, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is committed to developing a unique education programme.  Parallel to the Summer and Winter Music Workshop Festa (21st – 29th July and 1st – 9th December 2018), the education team hosts a monthly Music Workshop Day, delivering original workshops and outreach concerts at associated venues, schools and facilities for people with special needs.

An International Partnership with Casa da Musica

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan’s unique workshop programme has flourished thanks to an international partnership with Casa da Musica (Portugal) that began in 2013.  Casa da Musica and Tokyo Bunka Kaikan are members of RESEO and thus share a commitment to lifelong learning through the arts as well as the desire to promote social change at a local level.  As part of the partnership, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan invites members of Casa da Musica to run training programmes for workshop leaders in Tokyo and sends Japanese workshop leaders to Porto in order to help them broaden their international skills.

Beyond 2020: Demonstrating the Social Value of the Arts

With the Japan 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics approaching, there is a national  desire to celebrate the event not only through sport, but also arts and culture, thus demonstrating how arts organisations can have true social value and showing what the arts can offer society. 

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is committed to providing artistic experiences to everyone who wishes to be creative and enjoy music, regardless of the age, ability or social background and aims to create an environment in which everyone can become a creative agent.   One of our latest projects includes a workshop series aimed at older people that aims to identify the impact of participatory music making on communication and examine which methodologies, facilitation, or environment design is the most effective.  This project begins in Autumn 2018 and will be assessed in the Spring of 2019.

RESEO members are warmly invited to come and discover Tokyo Bunka Kaikan’s work for themselves! For more information, please contact Yukiyo Sugiyama –