“A Shoe Full of Stars” Wins RESEO Prize for Best Opera

17 October, 2018

Congratulations to Opera Schmopera! The UK-based company have been awarded the RESEO prize for Best Opera at this year’s YAMawards for A Shoe Full of Stars, a comic opera about terrorism aimed at young people.

The production is a collaboration between teenage students and opera makers from Opera Schmopera and Gestalt Arts, with a libretto by writer Ed Harris. The story centred on the difficulties that young people face in having honest conversations about the dangerous threat, as well as the risks they face from being manipulated by misinformation.

A SHOE FULL OF STARS – YAMsession 2018 from JMI Network on Vimeo.

Mixing operatic and Urban musical styles, and fusing comedy with thought-provoking drama, the project aims to tour the UK, France and Belgium, accompanied by a website resource to help young people, teachers and parents discuss these issues.

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