Things Are Looking a Little Different Around Here…

4 December, 2018

In RESEO’s 23 years of existence, performing arts education has gone from a relatively obscure niche field to an almost universally-recognised powerhouse for creativity and social change.

As opera, music and dance education have evolved, so have we. About a year ago, we decided it was time to rethink our strategic approach while developing a fresh new brand and website that would truly reflect the ingenuity and vibrancy of the sector in 2018.

Our goals:

  • To inspire and inform a thriving and resilient membership
  • To provide a collective voice for the sector
  • To drive innovation and stay ahead of the curve

Working closely with our members and a handful of experts, we’ve developed a new website aimed at increasing visibility for our members, stimulating cooperation, providing concrete tools and resources and raising the profile of the sector.

How We Went About It

We kicked off the process by sending out a questionnaire to our members, in which we asked them about their requirements and how we could best promote the exchange of knowledge for education professionals while raising the profile of opera, music and dance education within the arts sector and beyond.

In the next step, we focused on defining the RESEO “brand” and how we could graphically represent it. For this we worked with a select group of members, including representatives of opera houses, individual artists, one of our founding members and the most recent person to join us! They all generously provided their time and expertise and raised lots of interesting questions about how members perceive the network in different  ways. In all, a very rewarding process that has helped inform further reflexion around the strategic direction of the network.

We then selected a web design team based on member recommendations and a few months down the line, here’s the result!

What’s New

A fresh new look!


Improved Member Profiles

We’ve revamped profiles to enable members to highlight flagship projects, share audio and video content, link to further online presence and give greater visibility to their brands. By introducing categories, it’s now also possible to search for members according to arts form and type of education activity as well as country.

A Brand-New Resources Section

We’ve created an easily-searchable resources section that enables you to search for publications, studies and reports by RESEO and its members

Streamlined Events Pages

We’ve introduced new Events pages with clearer and more complete information and a simpler registration process. We’ve got some very exciting invitations coming up over the next couple of weeks – watch this space!

All The Latest News…

Providing visibility for our members’ work has always been one of our main objectives. We’ve added a News section in addition to our quarterly newsletters and social media.

100% Mobile Responsive

Did you know that over 50% of browsing for arts-related content takes place on mobile devices?

We’re delighted with the result, and we hope you will be too. Why not take a look for yourself?

With thanks to all our members and especially Birgitte Holt Nielson, Darren Abrahams, Krysztina Winkel, Agnès de Jacquelot, Omar Shahryar, Sara Clethero, Vanessa Gasztowtt, Frédérique Tessier, Jean-Marc Biskup, Anne Hogan and Marjorie Piquette for their creative input and eagle-eyed proofreading.

Website developed by Ben Grout, graphic design by Dean Hayden.