Mind the Gap: Building Digital Bridges to Community

RESEO is delighted to announce the launch of the Mind the Gap project, in which arts workers from around Europe […]

8th April, 2021

Smart Composer

Smart Composer will explore music education methodologies for educators alongside digital branding for composers.

21st January, 2021

Fair Opera

Fair Opera is a five year long project, initiated by Kulturverket, involving children, students, music acadamies, a symphony orchestra and […]

24th October, 2018

Write a Science Opera

Write a Science Opera (WASO) is a creative professional development approach to inquiry-based music and science education in which pupils […]

24th October, 2018

Why/How Opera Education: 2000 – 2003

Between 2000-2003, RESEO conducted an action research to consider the question “Why/how opera education in Europe today?”. A number of […]

24th October, 2018

Artists’ Development Project: 2004

RESEO’s Artists’ Development Project (ADP) was a programme of professional development for artists working in opera education, developed and managed […]

24th October, 2018

Creative Ways to Mozart (CWM): 2005

The Creative Ways to Mozart Project (CWM) was a collaboration between opera houses and youth culture organisations to engage young […]

24th October, 2018

Creative Residencies

In 2008-2009, RESEO and its members organised the Creative Residencies Project. A Creative Residency is the name for a process […]

24th October, 2018


CREAT-IT is aimed at developing and supporting late primary and early secondary teachers’ skills in science education.

24th October, 2018

FondAction du Football

As part of the Open Football Club, RESEO connects the FondAction du Football with members who can provide young players in training with cultural activities such as workshops, guided tours, exchanges with young artists and performances.

24th October, 2018