Smart Composer

Gothenburg. 2020 to 2023

What is Smart Composer?

Smart Composer is a two-year strategic partnership project funded by the Erasmus+ programme that brings together six European partners to explore music education and composition methodologies for educators as well as the branding, digital marketing and entrepreneurship skills that are necessary for young composers today.

The project will involve 20 music educators working in the fields of composition, musical performance, choral and orchestral conducting and theory, employed in conservatories, universities and music schools and as freelancers.

The project will create:

Two training courses will also take place as part of the project: one aimed at music educators in November 2021 in France, and another aimed at learners in June 2022 in Italy. 

How will RESEO participate?

RESEO will lead the development of the competence framework for music educators, contribute to the project methodology and handbook as well as the organisation of the two training courses, and coordinate a Smart Composer conference in Brussels in September 2022.

How will RESEO members be involved?

RESEO members will have the possibility to:

Who are the partners?