2013 to 2015

CREAT-IT is aimed at developing and supporting late primary and early secondary teachers’ skills in science education. Integration of creative and cultural disciplines and social media tools into formal science teaching will form the basis of a new pedagogical methodology, focusing on bringing science, culture and technology under the umbrella of collaborative activities.

In-service training will provide teachers with tools to design, communicate and represent Science Education approaches, developing lifelong mobility activities for teachers’ training, demonstration activities at schools and science cafes, therefore providing a new dimension in training of science teachers. The project aims to create a new perspective on how science can be combined with art and culture, allowing pupils to enhance their skills in investigation of scientific issues and collaborative science projects. The creation of a European school network will furthermore familiarise them with the art and the culture of other participating countries.

The project is coordinated by Stord Haugesund University College (Norway) and partner organisations include University of Exeter (UK), Ellinogermaniki Agogi Scholi Panagea-Savva A.E (Greece), Hellenic Association of Science Journalists, Science Writers & Co (Greece), Associazione Culturale FormaScienza (Italy) Center for the Promotion of Science (Serbia) and RESEO (Belgium).

CREAT-IT is a Comenius Multilateral project funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning programme. To find out more, please contact Oded Ben-Horin at oded.ben AT

Watch the outcome of RESEO Write a Science Opera training in Opera Vlaanderen (Antwerp, BE)!

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