In this section you will find research, studies, conference reports and presentations from both RESEO and our members.

Mind the Gap research report

10 key issues for working digitally with disadvantaged communities.

27th February, 2023

Still Committed: A Look Back at the RESEO Conference 2022

The RESEO Conference 2022 took place from 29 September to 1 October in partnership with the Opéra Comique and Conservatoire […]

20th December, 2022

Getting Closer: Authentic Collaboration Through Opera, Music And Dance

What are the challenges involved in the participatory process, and how can arts education professionals overcome them?

17th February, 2020

Arts education Opera Participation

Get Close to Opera Platform

Discover a comprehensive resource platform specifically aimed at opera educators.

28th October, 2019

Europe Interculturality Opera

Lasting Legacy: Ensuring the Longterm Impact of Arts Education

How do we plan for and ensure the legacy of longterm community projects, and what happens when they end?

17th September, 2019

Arts education Dance Impact Music Opera

Beyond Curiosity: Participatory Arts

Beyond Curiosity: Participatory Arts aims to help opera educators become confident in developing participatory intercultural activities.

22nd July, 2019

Europe Interculturality Participation

Get Close to Opera Report and Competence Framework

The practices and training needs of opera and arts educators with regards to the integration of migrants in Europe

4th May, 2019

Arts education Interculturality Opera Participation

21 Ways to Improve Your Evaluation

A presentation by Annabel Jackson, evaluator, given at the RESEO Autumn Conference 2016 in Paris.

6th December, 2018


A Guide to Evaluation

A presentation by Susanne Burns, development consultant, given at the RESEO Autumn Conference 2016 in Paris.

6th December, 2018


Associating Professional And Amateur Artists In An European Creative Project

Report from the 7th edition of the Culture & Education Symposium, an opportunity for in-depth reflection on the project The Monster in the Maze.

2nd December, 2018

Arts education Europe Opera Participation

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