Why join RESEO?

12 December, 2012

Are you an opera or dance education professional interested in creative learning and participative processes?

Would you like to be part of a dynamic network for exchange, creativity and diversity in arts education?

RESEO is a platform for you to connect with peers and arts education professionals, contribute to the development of opera and dance education and foster creative learning within the sector. Joining us is an opportunity to:


RESEO is an international membership organisation for exchange, cross-fertilisation of the arts andcreative learning in opera and dance education and a united voice for the sector, promoting best practices, evaluation and evolving policy-making.

Established in 1996, RESEO leads advocacy in the field, now comprising over 75 organisations from 22 different countries – members range from major European opera and ballet companies to small independent organisations and individual arts practitioners. The diversity of the membership is its source of inspiration and practical ‘on-the-ground’ knowledge.


RESEO delivers two stimulating conferences per year – each one hosted by a different company and exploring a current theme of key relevance to opera and dance education. RESEO conferences are a chance to:

  • Find stimulation from guest artists, speakers and professionals from the sector and related fields.
  • Learn and exchange with presentation of member ‘work in progress’ and round tabling of case studies.
  • Interact with international colleagues in practical delivery and production management via RESEO Practice Space and Production Space
  • Develop a portfolio of skills – RESEO promotes Continuous Professional development in leadership and management skills, creative production practice and participation and workshop facilitation.

Members benefit from:

  • Invitations to other members’ productions, symposiums and education projects
  • Access to RESEO specialist commissioned publications and sector research studies
  • Quarterly E-newsletters providing a European overview of the sector including in-depth articles from members, researchers, arts professionals and policy makers.
  • Exclusive Member online resources  – sector research resource, member best practice guide, European opportunities for arts education professionals and evaluation reports.
  • Guidance from RESEO’s multilingual (EN, FR, IT) management team.
  • Support for participation in the highly visible annual European Opera Days initiative.
  • Opportunities to connect with RESEO colleagues outside your immediate professional circle and to initiate pan-European projects.
  • CPD, mentoring, shadowing and job-exchange possibilities.


United by processes, values and beliefs – become part of RESEO and make your voice count.

Become a member and contribute to evolving creative learning in Europe and developing access to opera and dance education for all.