Cie Minute Papillon at the Festival d’Avignon

22 June, 2017

Tout Neuf !

Compagnie Minute Papillon, an opera company proposing original creations bringing together the centuries old-tradition of opera with the vitality of contemporary creation, will be presenting their new production Tout Neuf ! at the Festival d’Avignon this summer.

What if music were a way to listen to the world?

Water rushes, wind blows, fire crackles, footsteps echo on the ground … The world around us shakes, vibrates and sings, as does the incredible musical fruit at the heart of this production. Little by little three singer-musicians open it, feel it, taste it and play with it in order to (re)live first experiences in a shared moment.

Tout Neuf ! is a moment of visual and musical poetry for the whole family, an awakening to life inspired by Mozart, Bach, Landi and Rossini.

7-30 July at Théâtre La Luna, Avignon (France)