Welcome to the World, GrowOp!

2 October, 2017

At Den Jyske Opera, the GrowOp! team is buzzing. The first edition of the festival will begin in just six weeks time!

The GrowOP! project was inspired by many years of attending European network activities, projects, festivals and conferences as members of RESEO. As a result, the festival features performances from no less than four RESEO members: Holland Opera, Den Jyske Opera, Operaen I Midten and Cie Minute Papillon. Violaine Fournier of Cie Minute Papillon explains: “Continually meeting at conferences established positive connections between Den Jyske Opera and Cie Minute Papillon, going from shared experiences to shared workshops… Not to mention several nice glasses of wine! It all led to a desire to share artistic space”. The company will stage their latest production, the opera poem for over-2s Tout Neuf! at GrowOP!, an event both parties are very much looking forward to.

Bringing Together Opera and Young People

GrowOP! is the first opera festival in Denmark entirely dedicated to the encounter between opera, children and teenagers. The festival offers inspiring Danish and international performances accompanied by workshops, artists meetings and schools projects.  An international youth project called New Beginnings, a collaboration between Opera North Youth Chorus (Hull/UK) and TalentU, the youth talent chorus at Den Jyske Opera, opens the festival.

A Diverse and Innovative Programme

November 13th: (Herning)  “Let Them Shine” seminar for professionals in the fields of artistic talent development within music and drama, composers, directors and music teachers working with special talent programmes. British composer Michael Betteridge follows up on the GrowOP! performance New Beginningsand other examples in working with youth talents in opera and musical theatre.

November 11th-12th: (Aarhus) The festival kicks off with the performance New Beginnings

November 14th: (Ikast) Performances and Seminar “Arts & Infancy” for professionals of arts and education/daycare. After attending the opera Fogonogo, Spitalfields Music share experiences and methods in interacting with babies. The seminar also includes a presentation by professor Helena Rodrigues(Universidad Nova de Lisboa) and more.

November 15th – 18th: (Aarhus) 4 days of performances for children aged 0-12 years

November 19th – 21st: (Holstebro) 3 days of performances for children aged 2- 10 years

November 26th: (Herning) Opening of Snowwhite, a new commission by American composer Paul Schwartz of a main scale opera with young talents in all the leading  roles and children’s choir and ballet. Produced by Operaen I Midten.

The GrowOP! Festival will be realized with the support of Aarhus 2017, Arts Council Denmark, the municipalities of Aarhus and Holstebro, Augustinus Fonden and others.

About Tout Neuf !
Water rushes, wind blows, fire crackles, footsteps echo on the ground … The world around us shakes, vibrates and sings, as does the incredible musical fruit at the heart of this production. Little by little three singer-musicians open it, feel it, taste it and play with it in order to (re)live first experiences in a shared moment.
Tout Neuf ! is a moment of visual and musical poetry for the whole family, an awakening to life inspired by Mozart, Bach, Landi and Rossini.

All tour dates for Tout Neuf ! can be found on www.cie-minutepapillon.com