Hints of Broadway at the GrowOp Festival with Operaen i Midten

8 November, 2017

Operaen i Midten‘s new opera production Snow White will premiere on November 25th in Herning (Denmark) as part of the GrowOP Festival.

Fairy Tale Opera For the Whole Family

The music has hints of Broadway: American composer Paul Schwartz has written a brand new version of Snow White while the text contains the poetry and humor of Lars Oluf Larsen.

Energy and youth are provided by the soloists, all from the talent line on Musikdramatisk Theatre School.Their Headmistress, Pernille Elimar, directs the producttion. For the last year, she’s been providing the young talents with tools enabling them to play the roles created for them.

MidVest Juniorkor form the ensemble, while the Royal Ballet School in Holstebro provides talented dancers.

Snow White and Inner Beauty

The queen of Vesterland is divinely beautiful, confirmed by her magic mirror every morning as she is attended by her hairdresser.

The queen’s daughter, Snow White also wishes to be beautiful, but the only one who felt that way was her father, the king, and he is dead.
When the mirror changes its mind one day and deems Snow White most beautiful, the queen takes immediate action. She orders her hunter to get rid of Snow White, but a disguised prince from the East who has come to bring peace to the two kingdoms falls in love at first sight and rescues her.
Snow White flees into the forest where she meeseven orphans who are living a miserable life in their small hut. The prince is in love and seeking Snow White, but so is the vengeful Queen. Who will find her first? And what is the beauty of it all?


November 26th – MCH Herning Kongrescenter at 14.00

December 2nd – Musikteatret Holstebro at 14.00 and 17.00

December 3rd – Musikteatret Holstebro at 14.00 and 17.00


For more information about the production, please contact Mads Gammelmark (mads@operamidt.com).

For more information about the GrowOp Festival go to https://growopfestival.com/english/