Einstein “Dance for Seniors” Project with Konzert Theater Bern

28 February, 2018

Einstein – ‘Tanz project für Senioren’ 2018

“we are the dancers, we create the dreams”

– Albert Einstein

A new creative movement and dance project led by artists, researchers, scientists and specialist movement tutors with Theater Bern and Clare Guss-West aims to help seniors aged 65+ stimulate body and mind. 

The project sessions will take place every Wednesday 10 am to 11.30 am from 7th March to June 6th 2018 at Konzert Theater Bern.

Inspired by Einstein himself, this creative project. will bring together arts and sciences.

This is an initiative of Konzert Theater Bern with Universität Bern – Sport Science Department, The Senioren Universität, Bern and The Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation and is created in parallel with the new Konzert Theater Bern choreography – Einstein – by Po-Cheng Tsai, winner of the 2017 Bern Tanz Prize.

Behind the scenes’at Konzert Theater Bern! 

Participant activities include a weekly dance activity and creative project session, a visit to a professional rehearsal of the ballet, participation in a KTB repertoire workshop, a performance* and an intergenerational sharing with a KTB youth project group.

In addition, participants will take part in groundbreaking research of the Universität Bern, Dance Science department on the wellness benefits of creative activity and become ambassadors for access to quality, creative dance activity for all seniors.

For further information about the project please contact:

Anja Christina Loosli,

Konzert Theater Bern, Postfach, CH-3001, Bern

031 329 51 07