Jérémy Fisher, an Upcoming Young Audiences Production by Opéra-Théâtre (Suisse)

1 March, 2018

Opéra-Théâtre Junior will soon present the young audiences production Jérémy Fisher by Isabelle Aboulker. The show will be the subject of several workshops and activities for young audiences, with the aim of making opera accessible to all and bringing uninitiated children closer to the art form.

Jérémy Fisher is a children’s chorus opera for string quartet, soprano, baritone and bass-baritone. The children’s chorus will be performed by the Maîtrise du Conservatoire populaire and the quartet by the young Ernest Quartet. The roles of the soloists will be held by professional singers and singers in training, with staging by Michèle Cart.

The children of the Maîtrise, a high-level chorus, are enthusiastic about participating in an opera and gaining stage as well as musical practice within a professional orgaisation such as Opéra-Théâtre. The chance to work with adults is a stimulating experience for them, while the professionals gain much in the way of imagination and spontaneity from their encounter with the children. A beneficial exchange!

Before the beginning of rehearsals, young singers develop their basic drama skills alongside vocal training. Before shows, young members of the audience will be given the chance to participate in professionally-facilitated workshops (Accessible to children with disabilities) in which they will be able to play and sing extracts from the show. Other workshops will present the various stage trades.

The Opera

«Buried within ourselves there is a lonely child, or that has come to know loneliness, and that child is embodied in Jérémy Fisher ”
Mohamed Rouabhi

Jérémy Fisher is a little boy like no other. The son of a fisherman, he was born with webbed feet and hands and transforms little by little into a fish as he gets older. His parents are torn between keeping him with them in a fish tank or allowing him to live as a fish in the sea, at the risk of losing him forever.

Jérémy Fisher is a moving tale about difference, tolerance, otherness and respect for others, the courage to be yourself when you feel different, childhood, the transition to adolescence … As well as the love and generosity of parents.

Friday 23 March at 7pm
Saturday 24 March at 5pm
Saturday 25 March at 2pm and 5pm

Salle Jean-Jacques Gautier
1 rte du Vallon – 1224 Chêne-Bougeries

Duration: approx. 1 hour