SPACE is an international network project, building bridges between the worlds of Arts education and STEM education through working with trainee teachers in the delivery of innovative & interdisciplinary education models.

So far the project has run two intensive programmes for students from participating universities: one in Belgium in November 2016 and one in Norway in February 2018. As part of these programmes, the students were offered inspirational workshops from lecturers and practitioners modelling how to explore science subjects using arts methodologies. They then created their own workshops in groups and delivered them to local schools. They also worked together to archive their ideas on the SPACE digital moodle, and created ideas for the SPACE app.

The final intensive programme will take place in March 2019 in Porto, Portugal and will culminate in a one day SPACE Conference which will be open to RESEO members. The conference will launch the resources created by the project – the guidebook, the digital platform and the app – and will be led by the students.

If you want to find out more and get engaged earlier, you can follow SPACE on Facebook and Twitter, or contact Rhian Hutchings at