Exploring Exile at The Festival d’Aix

16 April, 2018

This summer the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence will present Ce Murmure dans la nuit du monde, a production that combines object theater, puppetry, masks, music and song to explore questions of displacement, exile and flight.

The creation interweaves various disciplines and languages, including theater, puppetry, shadow theater, music, song, live drawing and movement as well as the gestures of the instrumentalist, as orchestral scores.

On stage, three characters, aedes, figures inspired by the hakawati, traditional Arab storytellers and itinerant showers of images, who through art restore a human and sensitive dimension to displacement, migration, exile and flight.

These characters, themselves wanderers, carry with them both day-to-day and more unusual objects, such as musical instruments or the window frame of a window of a house they had to flee. Doing so, they reconfigure the inner geography of man.

For both themselves and their audiences, they propose to recover the natural propensity of humankind to relate to the world in a poetic and sensitive manner, thus assuming the human condition.

When physical geography is no longer a refuge, when no land is welcoming enough to put an end to wanderings, when no return is possible, one of the only places to create a possible refuge is the intangible world of music and song.

Musical fairytale / Puppet and shadow theatre

– Creation: Collectif Kahraba (Lebanon)
– Stage direction: Aurélien Zouki
– Music: Dzovinar Mikirditsian

Suitable for young audiences and families


Friday 20 July 2018 | 3pm & 8pm | Bois de l’Aune
Saturday 21 July 2018 | 11am & 3pm | Bois de l’Aune

More info about the 2018 Aix-en-Provence festival: www.festival-aix.com