Meet The New RESEO Steering Commitee!

1 May, 2018

As is the case each year at its Spring Conference, RESEO members have elected their new representatives to the Steering Committee.

RESEO is deeply grateful to:

Agnès de Jacquelot (Opéra national de Paris), who is leaving the Steering Committee having completed her second term. A founding member of the network and its very first Chair, Agnès has provided valuable support over the years and has served several times on the SC. Furthermore, Agnès hosted with the Opéra national de Paris the RESEO Autumn Conference 2016 on the occasion of the network’s 20th anniversary.

Lucy Perry (Glyndebourne), who is leaving her role as Chair of the RESEO Steering Committee. Lucy joined the steering committee in 2014 and was Chair from 2016 to 2018, leading the network with great skill, sensitivity and engagement during a challenging period of transition. She will continue to serve on the Steering Committee until 2019 in order to assist the newly elected Chair.

RESEO is pleased to welcome two new members to its Steering Committee:

Linda Lovrovic (Belgium), Coordinator of family and educational projects in Dutch at La Monnaie / De Munt.

Anja Loosli (Switzerland), Head of Education at Konzert Theater Bern

The Steering Committee appointed Rhian Hutchings as Chair on April 20, 2018. Rhian (United Kingdom), formerly Head of Education at Welsh National Opera, now runs Operasonic, a company that creates a range of opportunities for young people to explore, create and experience opera. She has been a member of the RESEO Steering Committee since 2016.
Find out more about the RESEO Steering Commitee here