Music in Outer Space: A New Project by Teatro Comunale di Modena

22 June, 2018

This autumn Teatro Comunale di Modena (Italy) is organising an exciting new musical theatre project in partnership with several local primary schools.

Al’s Adventures in Wonderland will offer young children the chance to sing in both English and Italian and to perform on stage in March 2018. This collaborative project explores themes such as ecology, environmental issues and recycling and enables children to discover the structure of a musical while fostering their development as individuals.

The story takes its audience on a journey around the world to discover the different cultures and musical styles of the Amazon, Tokyo, the North Pole, the desert… And even Italy!


The Space Controller, the great guardian of the Universe, has one thing on his mind. He wants to find a ‘Wonderland’ -­ a planet that will be beautiful, healthy, and a model for all others.

Al the Alien enthusiastically volunteers for the mission, but his initial findings are disappointing: the first planet is all gas, the second is frozen and the third has no light.

His investigation finally takes him to a more appropriate planet which appears more hospitable. It has fields, water, sun… But all is not well. The inhabitants have strange ways: they waste energy, pollute the sea, and rather than recycle destroy their planet without a care. ‘This is not WONDERLAND’ he exclaims, ‘this is WASTELAND!!!’

Just in time he comes across three strange people immersed in a mountain of rubbish and they have an idea…

Would You Like to Take Part?

Teatro Comunale di Modena are currently seeking European partners for the project, which is sponsored by Regione Emilia Romagna. If you are interested please contact