News From The GET CLOSE TO OPERA Project

13 July, 2018

At the beginning of 2018, RESEO members were interviewed about how they plan and lead training activities and their needs in order to develop activities to foster inclusion of migrants and refugees within local communities. The remaining six GCTO partners carried out similar interviews within their respective countries.

Thanks to all the insightful contributions, we were able to create a report exploring the role of opera and arts for the social inclusion of migrants and refugees and identify the training needs of artists and educators. Read the full report here.

The results of the research allowed us to create The Opera/Arts competence framework, a broad frame of reference and  useful tool for opera educators to enhance their skills with regards to migrant/refugee integration. The framework identifies core competences required when creating social inclusion activities and projects. Have a look at the framework to see if it can be useful in your work.

How Can We Get Even Closer to Opera?

On 25-26 June Sybilla Britani and Krysztina Winkel of RESEO visited the University of Patras in Greece for the 2nd partnership meeting to reflect on the training needs of professionals in the sector and work on the development of a pilot training.

We will be piloting the training in Matera at the beginning of 2019 and RESEO members will be invited to take part in it too.

In parallel, we are currently developing the Get Close to Opera online platform that will professionals to become part of an ever-greater community of European opera and ballet educators. Users will be able to access training materials, showcase  their activities, share ideas, exchange good practices and projects and activate new national and international collaborations. The platform will be available later this year.

While some of you are probably packing your suitcases for the summer weeks, the Get Close to Opera team are busy preparing some exciting training activities. So do not go too far away this summer and watch this space for more after the break!