Support the #CulturalDealEU Campaign

13 January, 2021

There is no recovery or future for Europe without culture. 

Led by Culture Action Europe, European Cultural Foundation and Europa Nostra, the Cultural Deal for Europe aims to place culture at the heart of the European project.

“Culture is what brings us together. It is at the basis of the European project and determines the future of our societies. The gravity of the Covid-19 crisis proved again that culture is not a luxury, but a necessity to build cohesive, equal, sustainable and free societies. A Cultural Deal for Europe is a call from a wider European cultural community to acknowledge the pivotal role of culture in shaping the future of our lives.”

In a recently published joint statement, Culture Action Europe, European Cultural Foundation, and Europa Nostra (representing the European Cultural Alliance) call for:

  • At least 2% of the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility to be dedicated to culture. 
  • Due evidence of cultural and European relevance to be demonstrated in all national recovery and resilience plans.
  • Full inclusion of culture in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the European Green Deal.
  • Funding for culture to be mainstreamed into other relevant EU programmes and actions.
  • Relevant and timely support to cultural workers. 
  • Philanthropy to be associated strategically in the recovery of Europe and design of its future.
  • Upholding democracy and rights for a values-based Europe.
  • Culture to be a key element for EU external relations.
  • Culture to be an integral part of the future of Europe.

Download the full statement and find out how to support the campaign here.