Smart Composer at enCORE Accelerando

7 July, 2023

RESEO member and composer-entrepreneur Omar Shahryar was asked by Jeunesses Musicales International to be a coach for young artist-entrepreneurs participating in the enCORE Accelerando training in Budapest, Hungary in June 2023.

“enCORE Classical: New ways in classical music” is JM International’s capacity-building programme for young classical musicians. Consisting of interactive workshops, presentations, one-to-one coaching and a competition where participants pitch their projects to win 1000€ of micro-funding, the programme addresses two main areas of concern that had been highlighted by JMI’s young musicians in Strasbourg 2018, namely: the relevance and role of classical music nowadays, and sharing knowledge of the music industry to empower and prepare young musicians for life as professionals.

As project manager and lead researcher for the EU SMART Composer project, Omar was able to share some of the methods developed from the project that can apply to all artists as they embark upon their professional careers.