Free resources for music educators now available

8 December, 2023

The EU SMART Composer project aimed to explore music education and composition methodologies for educators as well as the branding, digital marketing and entrepreneurship skills that are necessary for young composers today.

The project website now hosts several accessible and free-to-use resources on its “Project results” page, with translations in English, French, Swedish, Spanish and Italian.

The EU SMART Composer project resources are aimed at music educators who teach vocational training or professionalisation for music students who compose, but they can be of interest to anyone involved in professionalisation for classical musicians.

The publication of these resources is the final activity of the EU SMART Composer project, an Erasmus+ project that brought together partners from 5 different countries between 2020 and 2023.

1- “European Study reports, with study reports and the competence frameworks 
2- “EUSMARTCOMPOSER TOOLS, where you can see the exercises and case studies in 5 different languages. There are also the webinars
3- “EUSMARTCOMPOSER MANUAL, where you can find the manuals in all languages 

For more information, please visit the Smart Composer website.