“Philanthropy, resilience and the arts” webinar recap

26 February, 2024

Last week, we were delighted to chat to the wonderful Lucia Patuzzi of Philea (the Philanthropy Europe Association) about her recent research into philanthropic funding in the European culture sector.

Here are some of the things we found out:

  • Good news: Foundations have not decreased their arts & culture budgets, and do not intend to do so, while their belief in the societal role of the arts is as strong as ever.
  • Interest in intersectional work is increasing, with more and more projects focusing on the arts and social inclusion (67%), education (66%) or democracy (42%). 
  • Support provided to organisations isn’t just financial: 59% of respondents provide Organisational Development Support in the form of access to connections, co-branding, or training opportunities, among others. 

To find out more, download Volume 2 of Arts and Culture at the Core of Philanthropy. The webinar recording is available to RESEO members upon request.

Main photo © Philea