Apply for the SMART COMPOSER training in Matera!

Matera, Italy. 12 - 16 September 2022

The EU SMART Composer project has been developed under the Erasmus+ programme with the aim of providing practical tools to facilitate knowledge transfer between Music Educators who provide Vocational Educational Training (VET) and music students who compose, thereby improving the employability of contemporary composers.

Based on research conducted in 2021, the EU SMART Composer Project will conduct an intensive training session for those involved in professionalisation training or VET for students who compose contemporary music. The training will also influence the creation of a handbook that will be published in 2023.

What is the training for?

The aim of this training is for participants from throughout the music sector to increase their knowledge of the skills required for students who compose to improve their employability and/or provide their services to new markets and innovate. Participants will leave with knowledge of the practical ways in which this content can be delivered.

Participants will undertake 4 training modules:
1. An introduction to Entrepreneurship
2. Empowerment and Leadership
3. Branding and Digital Marketing
4. Cooperative Entrepreneurship

Participants will also receive a training handbook, which will be published in 2023.

Who is this training for?

Educators or administrators who solely specialise in Jazz, Popular Music, Film, TV & Theatre Production and Game design are outside of our target audience.

How to apply

Please fill in this form in order to participate in this free training in Matera. Your name and contact details will enable us to contact you for further information about the project.

For more information, please contact