SEDD Forum: Navigating Politics

Online. 19 June 2024

What is the political dimension in our practice and how does it affect us in our daily work?

In a year, when nearly half the world’s population may be eligible to vote in an election, the world is facing a time of great change. Across our network, members will be dealing with political issues specific to their country, but there are larger common experiences at play across Europe too.

We are keen to hear from members in this forum as to how the political landscape is affecting their work for us all to develop a better understanding of how the industry we all work in is changing as a result of larger forces.

Politics and/or policies affect the way a department, a freelancer, an organisation organizes its work and the relationship between the people working there. Some members have described how they sometimes refrain from certain topics in a way that may feel like self-censorship. If you know the feeling, we invite you to join this conversation with your RESEO friends. Members are welcome to share this invitation with their freelancers as all perspectives are relevant.

The session will take place on 19 June at 3:00 – 4:00 pm CET. It is an informal and safe space for discussion between a group of colleagues, moderated by members of the RESEO Steering Committe. There is no need to prepare anything in advance of the meeting. More about the SEDD Forum.

Be prepared to share your own experiences related to this topic, but do not feel obliged to do so if you would prefer to simply listen. Register by 18 June by emailing

Main image © Sarah Hickson