Webinar: Internationalisation of Work Practices in the Performing Arts

Online. 19 May 2022

How can organisations develop international mentoring programmes and mobility experiences?

Yohann Floch, President of FACE – Fresh Arts Coalition Europe, will address how organisations can initiate or further develop international mentoring programmes. Participants will learn how to organise curated mobility experiences and prospection trips and discover three handbooks developed as part of the Learning Trajectories project.

The webinar will take place on 19 May at 11:30 CET. This event is reserved for RESEO members – registration opening soon. 

About the project

Learning Trajectories – Advancing European Performing Arts Mentoring Programmes is a European project that aims to highlight best practices and improve the quality of international mentoring programmes. Find out more here

Yohann Floch leads FACE, a European platform facilitating collaboration in the contemporary performing arts field and developing capacity building programmes for arts professionals. 


RESEO Events and Activities in 2022

This year, RESEO aims to offers arts education professionals even more opportunities for dialogue, exchange and building new skills.

28th January, 2022