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Opera grows with you!

Opera Education produces educational and artistic projects divided by age group. These projects adapt the music and staging of a given opera to its target group without altering the work’s fundamental aspects and themes. There is no selection for artistic teams, and we are assisted by music education experts who help us structure the educational aspect of the project.


Opera Education wants to bring opera closer to children by making it understandable, while giving them a musical education that enables them to comprehend and appreciate it. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to come together in a shared experience and develop a sense of community that is increasingly lacking in today’s society.

A flagship project:

Opera Domani is a participatory opera production with professional singers and orchestra, in which the choir is composed of the audience: children sing along and interact with objects and choreographies prepared at school ahead of the performance.

Why we’re RESEO members:

Opera Education is an internationally renowned platform that has taken part in several large-scale European collaborations. As previous members of RESEO, we value being part of this network.

The Team

Head of programming and project development

Barbara Minghetti

organisation and relations with schools

Valeria Moroni

organisation, public relations and didactics

Alessandra Veronesi

secretaryship, communication and promotion

Roberta Sorso

Contact Details

via Vincenzo Bellini 3, Como 22100 CO

via Vincenzo Bellini 3, Como 22100 CO


Artistic Fields

Musical theater Opera


European cooperation Participatory Schools Young audiences

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