Making opera accessible to all

Founded in 1989 by Michèle Cart with the production of La voix humaine by Cocteau-Poulenc, Opéra-Théâtre aims to promote the independent production of opera and musical and theatrical works.


The staging of operas concentrating as much on play as on music, which make opera accessible to all. For many years, Opéra-Théâtre has introduced opera to young people by offering them professional performances and that are adapted to their age and subject.

A flagship project:

“West Side Story” realized in 2016. With this project, we brought together adolescents from two schools, young singers and dancers of the Conservatoire, and professional soloists. The aim was to enable young people who did not have the opportunity to discover singing, drama and dance, and to be stimulated by young people with training in these areas, as well as professionals.

Why we are members of RESEO:

To meet people with the same objectives, to exchange, to share, see what is done elsewhere and imagine co-productions.

The Team

Fondatrice, directrice et metteur en scène

Michèle Cart

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1231 Conches

1231 Conches


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