Royal Danish Theatre

Learning Through The Arts

The Royal Danish Theater produces operas, ballets, plays and concerts. KGL+ is a department of four teams working through learning and participation (school partnerships), tours, open air performances and open foyers.

We aim to create and deliver performances in a highly artistic and relevant manner for diverse and growing audiences inside and outside the three houses and throughout the country. In KGL+ we further aim to involve new audiences through new artistic formats where learning, expression and dialogue are center stage.

A flagship project:
“Performing arts on the timetable”. 12 week production time for a school to create and perform a production from the season. The teachers sign up for a two-day course and run through the student material before they start their production with the students (grade 4-6). A day with an artist in school and an open rehearsal in the theater for the same production is included.

Why we’re RESEO members:
It is essential to exchange knowledge and experience with colleagues across borders. The field is changing continuously and there is a great value in sharing concepts and visions.

The Team

Head of School Partnerships

Gunna Winterberg

School Partnership Manager

Dorte Grannov Balslev

School Partnership coordinator

Malene Ruggaard

Contact Details

August Bournonvilles Passage 2-8, Postboks 2185, 1017 København K

August Bournonvilles Passage 2-8, Postboks 2185, 1017 København K

Artistic Fields

Dance Drama Music Opera


Artist training artistic practice workshops Participatory Schools Young audiences

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