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Education and Communication/Marketing: Friend or Foe?

6 November, 2012
Justin Maheu

Education and communication/marketing: friend or foe?


The Mapping of the Opera and Dance Education Sector in Europe, edited by RESEO in 2011, reveals that in 96% of all cases, communication/marketing departments are involved in the education departments’ activities. To know more about this cooperation, RESEO has conducted a survey on the collaboration between education departments and communication/marketing departments across Europe.

In a first step, a 10-question survey was sent to RESEO members to determine which activities are most suitable for mutual actions and also towards which target groups joint efforts are useful.

In a second step, a qualitative analysis of these working relationships was conducted based on telephone interviews. To present an overview of the diversity of cooperation practices across Europe, both education and communication/marketing directors were involved in these interviews.





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