In this section you will find research, studies, conference reports and presentations from both RESEO and our members.

21 Ways to Improve Your Evaluation

A presentation by Annabel Jackson, evaluator, given at the RESEO Autumn Conference 2016 in Paris.

6th December, 2018


A Guide to Evaluation

A presentation by Susanne Burns, development consultant, given at the RESEO Autumn Conference 2016 in Paris.

6th December, 2018


Why Arts in Schools?

Presentation: How do we as artists and arts institution take the best steps to enrich teaching? And can we fulfill our core obligation to provide artistic nourishment and offer children (or people of any age) important existential reflections through art?

29th October, 2018

Arts education Dance Evaluation Music Opera

Reflective Practice: Evaluation in Arts Education

Report: Why is evaluation essential to certain cultural institutions and of lesser importance to others? Can everything be evaluated? How can practices be adapted to individual aims? Can evaluation help the sector to evolve?

8th March, 2017

Arts education Dance Evaluation Music Opera

Overview of Evaluation Practices in Opera and Dance Education in Europe

In 2012, RESEO carried out a research study on the impact of evaluation on European opera organisations in order to highlight possible tendencies or differences and reveal different models.

12th June, 2012

Dance Europe Evaluation Opera

Evaluating Artistic and Education Projects

A report from the 3rd edition of the European Symposium Culture and Education in Aix-en-Provence, which examined the evaluation of artistic and educational projects.

16th July, 2011

Arts education Education Evaluation Opera

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