In this section you will find research, studies, conference reports and presentations from both RESEO and our members.

0-3: Opera, music and dance for the early years

Best practice guide: what is the impact of impact activities and productions for very young audiences on individual development? How can they be integrated into a general audience development strategy?

1st May, 2015

Baby Dance Music Opera Young audience

AMAZE ME: Opera for Young Audiences in Europe

A 2013 RESEO publication showcasing one of the most rapidly evolving sectors in opera: productions aimed at young audiences. With contributions from RESEO members. Find out more about productions for teens, children, and even babies

2nd April, 2013

Dance Opera Young audience

Productions For Young Audiences and Intergenerational Projects

A report from the 4th edition of the European Symposium Culture and Education in Aix-en-Provence, which examined young audience productions and intergenerational work.

15th July, 2012

Intergenerational Young audience

Overview of Productions for Young Audiences in Europe

In 2009, RESEO conducted research aiming to establish an inventory of productions for young audiences in Europe. The results were presented to RESEO members at the Oslo conference that October.

1st January, 2009

Arts education Education Europe Opera Young audience

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