Collectif Meute

The creative process within everyone's reach

The multidisciplinary company Collectif Meute develops collaborative, artistic forms that are horizontal, socially committed and accessible to non-professionals. A creative journey with reflection, sharing, co-creation and pooling of resources at its heart. The collective brings together artists, production teams and members of the public to bring out collective intelligence and devise innovative economic models. The collective also questions the place of women in opera, both in the make-up of creative teams and in the female characters portrayed on stage.


The Collective’s approach is political and advocates for representation and equality for all. It aims to contribute to all activities aimed at developing access to the performing arts and to classical and contemporary music, through the production, dissemination and promotion of collaborative artistic creations in various artistic fields, including singing, music, performance, participatory projects, installations and sound, as well as scenographic and dramaturgical devices that incorporate new technologies.

A flagship project

Furieux is a participatory opera for a citizen choir. On stage, 40 non-professionals embody Dionysus in all his facets. A reflection on the group and the outcast that takes the audience from dance to theatre, from singing to scansion. The show was co-created with participants over two weeks of creative workshops for a stage object designed by the participants.

Why they’re RESEO members 

To connect with artistic and production teams that are also reaching out to audiences with innovative projects, open to new audiences and new actors.

The Team

Co-director/Stage director

Claire Pasquier


Sarah Théry

Production officer

Eva Seite

Contact Details

155, rue Roger Salengro
59260 Lille

155, rue Roger Salengro
59260 Lille

Artistic Fields

Music Opera Theatre


artistic practice workshops European cooperation Health and social Participatory Schools Young audiences

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